Complimentary to it’s cultural reputation Glasgow offers an array of performing arts. From within it’s internationally renowned theatres to it’s many street performers Glasgow expresses itself artistically like no other.

Standing out amongst Glasgow’s highly acclaimed theatres is the often praised King’s Theatre. Opened in 1904 on the designs of prolific theatre artist Frank Matcham, the King’s has played host to many top shows and stars over the year and is the home of some of the world’s all the prestigious productions. In addition to this the King’s was chosen for the opening ceremony when Glasgow was awarded European City of Culture in 1990.

Glasgow is particularly proud of its Theatre Royal and with due reason. As home of the Scottish Opera it also regularly plays host to the Scottish Ballet other internationally renowned companies such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Theatre.

Dating back to 1878 is Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre. Originally named the Royal Princess’ Theatre was renamed in 1945 after a small group of playwrights named The Glasgow Citizens Theatre Company based their work.

Positioned behind Europe’s largest public reference library is yet another of Glasgow’s many prestigious theatre’s – The Mitchell Theatre which was originally built between 1873-7 however, was partially destroyed by a fire in 1962 meaning the rebuilding of this architectural masterpiece was not complete until 1980. With some many outlets of artistic expression Glasgow stamp itself as one of Europe’s all the cultural and cosmopolitan cities.